What Can I Learn From This Course?

Learn how to develop better technique in your surfing pop up, down the line speed, positioning in the line up, water safety, etiquette in the surf and much more as a beginner and intermediate surfer.  

I will share with you my personal surf warm-ups and ways to take better care of your body, breath, and mindset.  You will have a framework for building a lifelong relationship with the ocean. 

The courses will continue to grow as you grow in your surfing, body, and mind. I look forward to sharing my knowledge, experience, and aloha with you!


Find the line up quicker, paddle stronger, avoid collisions, & paddle out with less resistance & more flow.


Develop a basic understanding of the physical mechanics of surfing.


Develop a framework for building a lifelong relationship with the ocean.


Understand how to align your mental and physical strength to benefit your surfing.

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What Rochelle's Students are Saying

Margaret Cohan
Andrew B. Hammond Professor of French Language, Literature, and Civilization and Professor, by courtesy, of French and Italian and of Comparative Literature

Rochelle has inspired me with her grace, flow and keen ocean knowledge, breaking down surfing practice into its smallest details and then putting them back together into the whole picture, from the beach and the waves to body knowledge in the yoga studio. Not only she has helped me improve my surfing - as an educator myself, I have learned from her remarkable ability to meet a student at her level and take her along the path.

Megan Abubo
Professional Surfer

Rochelle has always had so much knowledge and passion for health and wellness. Not only is she one of the greatest surfers of all time, but she has also spent tireless hours perfecting the “ageless” ingredients to living a long and healthy life, as a surfer.If it wasn’t for my early years on the world surfing tour with her I may not have learned what I did about health and wellness and its overall impact to have a long career. I may not have been as successful as I was without her guidance on tour. Her knowledge of the ocean in all conditions is as deep as anyones. She truly is a great coach, mentor, and role model when it comes to all things surfing, yoga, health, and wellness. Plus she’s fun to be around always! 🤙🏾

Minnie Driver
Actor & Producer

Sometimes in life, all you need to do is reconnect the pieces of yourself that get pulled apart by the intense business of being alive. I’ve worked with Rochelle of many different levels and the healing that has resulted from all the fun, adventure and knowledge that we have shared together has enriched my life beyond measure

Brianna Cope
Pro Surfer

Rochelle is one of the most talented massage therapists I've ever been to. she offers different massage types from sports massage and deep tissue to relaxation. All her massages are10/10 and she really listens to your body. From surfing to wellness, Rochelle Ballard is one of the best. Rochelle uses all her experience and knowledge and applies it to her coaching!  

Private Client

"Rochelle is the most knowledgeable surfer instructor I have ever met. She competed for 19years on the WCT and was the start stunt women of Blue Crush!  She knows so much about the ocean and the body. Will surely come back for more surfing, massages and adventures!"  

Meet Rochelle Ballard

Rochelle Ballard is an icon in the sport of surfing, inspirational to both men, women, and the youth of today in surf and wellness.  She pioneered women's surfing on many levels as a professional athlete, an advocate for women's surfing, mentoring the youth, hosted surf camps for inspiring young women, was the lead stunt and surfer in Blue Crush, an environmental advocate and wellness professional.

Her surf and wellness retreat business Surf Into Yoga is in its 11th year successfully inspiring and sharing with people from across the globe that come to Kauai to have a private experience with Rochelle and her team.  

Through her deep-rooted love of the Hawaiian culture and people, Rochelle shares that aloha spirit and the joy she finds when surfing with all of her students.  Her gratitude and connection to the ocean is something she harnesses to find both balance and flow.


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