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Rochelle · May 15, 2022
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The Pop Up

Connecting with the Ocean

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Improve your surfing, and connect with the ocean.


In this course you will learn everything you need to know to feel more comfortable in the ocean, with your equipment, about ocean safety, understanding good form and technique, and your ability to catch waves with better timing, pop up quickly, and ride the wave with more style and flow.  


Surfing is a lifetime experience.  I learn something new every time I’m in the ocean. What I have observed as one of the best takeaways in surfing is to be present in the moment. We learn more about ourselves as we begin to understand and learn the ocean’s energy, how waves form and how to read waves. As in life, timing is everything in surfing.  Imagine having a better path to overcoming fears, being more patient and learning to be more present and aware. 


What should you learn from this course? 


  • You will have a basic understanding of the physical mechanics of surfing.
  • You will feel confident about paddling out and know how to determine when conditions are appropriate for you.  
  • You will be able to find your line up and positioning to catch more waves, paddle stronger, avoid collisions, and paddle out with less resistance and more flow.  
  • You will have a framework for building a lifelong relationship with the ocean. 


How is this Course Structured? 


I’ve organized this course into 17 individual lessons that break down the basics of ocean awareness, ocean safety,  proper surf technique and mind/body awareness.  


 The first time you go through the course, I recommend going through the lessons in the sequence we’ve created.   After that, you can come back to the individual lessons as needed in order to revisit any concept that you need.  



Your access lets you come back anytime! 


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